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d89a7440-4ae4-11e8-b20b-8f3ca506a57b.JPGCaen Castle entrancef32afdc0-4ae4-11e8-b20b-8f3ca506a57b.JPG358414c0-4ad8-11e8-8966-abc3ce5c0742.JPG9552e7f0-4ad8-11e8-8966-abc3ce5c0742.JPGad12c540-4ad8-11e8-8966-abc3ce5c0742.JPGCaen castlec5f46640-4ad8-11e8-8966-abc3ce5c0742.JPGe67bbb20-4ad8-11e8-8966-abc3ce5c0742.JPGCaen castle0cce3780-4ad9-11e8-8966-abc3ce5c0742.JPGCaen is a university city in Northwest France, in the prefecture of Calvados. It is the city of William the Conqueror with his castle still here.-- 15 km inland from the English Channel, and 200 km from Paris.----The currency of France is the Euro. I was on a trip moving from place to place by train. Trains go to Paris St, Lazare, Lisieux. Dol de Bretagne, also St. Malo with a change. Train company is SNCF. From Caen rail station is a tram. The tram has rubber wheels and a central guide rail on the road..-------Caen castle from 1060, built for William the Conqueror the Duke of Normandy, to house his palace, was the biggest in Europe at the time. Admission is free. ------St. Pierre church is a roman catholc church , built between the 13th and 16th centuries, dedicated to St Peter is in Place St. Pierre.------There is Harness Racing in Caen at the Hippodrome de la Praire. Harness racing is a Horse race at specific gait or trot pulling a two wheeled cart with jockey. The cart is known as a sulky.----==-I stayed at the Hotel de France in Caen .--------Caen is well worth a visit while here i took a trip to Bayeux to see the Bayeux Tapistry. The Bayeux Tapistery is an embroidered cloth , 70 metres long , which depicts the Norman Conquest of England.

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